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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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We meet together every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 10am as a fellowship of reasoning and spiritual individuals to nurture our spirit.

Part of the meeting format includes an address followed by discussion, with meeting structure shown here.

You are invited to join from 9.45 am for the service. Please check the Calendar below for full details, or see our Facebook page.

If you are not on our email distribution list, you can be added by emailing - and you do not have to be on Facebook to access Facebook pages.

For BUUF members preparing a service,

>>> click here to download a template for MS word <<<
also see "What are we seeking when we come together"

Typical meeting structure

  • Welcome and Opening Words
  • Words of Reconciliation
  • Music / Songs
  • Lighting of the Chalice
  • Reading
  • Address / Main presentation
  • Reflection on topic / discussion
  • Sharing of personal joys and concerns
  • Closing Music / Songs
  • Extinguishing the Chalice
  • Announcements

Calendar of Services & Celebrations

Welcome to our 2022 Services!!

UPDATE!  From March 2022 onward  we will have the 1st service per month
in-person at the TS Society building AS WELL AS connecting on Zoom for
people who can't join us face to face.


October 9 At TS Centre and by Zoom - Living our Values
Lynne H
Sept 25
Zoom Service - TBA
Marta Browne
Sept 11
At TS Centre and by Zoom - TBA
Aug 27
Zoom Service - Room for both: Why we need darkness as well as light
Marta Browne
August 19-21 Retreat -  Nature Communion
August 14
At TS Centre and by Zoom - Why is there Something instead of Nothing? Andrew
July 24
Zoom Service - Altruism Mahesha
July 10
Zoom Service - The four most important words
Marta Browne
June 26
Zoom Service - Solitude
June 11
At TS Centre and by Zoom - Charity in Islam - Fear and Purity
May 22
Zoom Service  -  All things bright and beautiful... and all the rest
Marta Browne
May 8
At TS Centre - The mother: honoring the divine feminine between the maiden & the crone Marta Browne
April 24 Zoom Service  - Celebration of the Earth to commemorate Earth Day (22 April)
Marta Browne
April 10 At TS Centre - Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion - in person service and online Zoom call Lynn Kelly   
March 27
Zoom Service  - A most wonderful garden. - See email or Facebook page for link close to the date
Marta Browne          
March 13
At TS Centre -   Women hold up half the sky Renee Hills       
Feb 27 2022
A most wonderful garden - this service will be by Zoom; see Facebook for link Marta Browne          
Feb 13 2022
Living with Intention ... this service will be by Zoom; see Facebook for link, updated by the weekend
Lynn Kelly        
Jan 23 2022
Welcome to BUUF 2022! The 1st service this year will be a Water Communion service
Renee and Marta           

Dec 12
How Unitarians saved Christmas - ANZUUA service - see Facebook page
Rev Ralph Cutts & Rev Clay Nelson
Nov 28 You can't always get what you want: Compromise as a path to contentment Marta Browne
Nov 14
The problem with wanting is that we often get what we wanted Daniel Jantos
Oct 24 Mindfulness: what it is and what it isn't! Lynn Kelly
Oct 10 Sitting with discomfort to improve the comfort of all
Marta Browne
Sept 26 Bread and Roses: meeting all needs!
Marta Browne
Sept 12 Awe and Wonder - where to find it, how to experience it, and why it is good for us!! - ZOOM link
Aug 19-22
Friday PM to Sunday P - Annual Retreat - contact us for details

Aug 8 Why we love lockdowns!!
Marta Browne
July 25
Unconscious Bias: whom do we think of as "other"? Lynn Kelly
July 11
Letting Go - the paradox of forgiveness
Marta Browne
June 27
At our table: how food unites us Marta Browne
June 13
In-Tuition: A reflective practice Katherine Crissman
May 21
By Any Other Name: What makes a Unitarian Universal? Marta Browne
May 9
Unitarian Universalism 101 Kynn K
April 25
Finding your fit: When spiritual growth is a long and winding road Marta Browne
April 11
Historian Reverend Dr  Susan J. Ritchie presents her research showing that Unitarianism was inherently multifaith from its beginnings, with clear affinities for Judaism and Islam. Her book Children of the Same God, and a recorded talk re-examine Unitarian history in the light of its interfaith context. We'll watch a half hour presentation by Dr. Ritchie about the early years of Unitarianism and continue the conversation among ourselves.
March 28
Beyond Sadness - the necessity of grief for individuals, congregations and greater communities
Marta Browne
March 14
Reconciling the right of conscience, the use of the democratic process, and the goal of world community in the midst of political and social upheaval.  - online ZOOM service Lynn Kelly
Feb 28
The Egg:Personal growth through fiction - online ZOOM service
Marta Browne
Feb S14
Water Service  (by Zoom)

Past 2020 Services

Nov 29
Australian-NZ-AsiaPac service: Things Worth Protecting (Zoom call - email for details) Daniel Jantos (Sydney Spirit of Life)
Nov 22
Every New Beginning. Closing one book before opening another (Zoom call - email for details)
Marta Browne
Nov 8
Reflections on Always Was, Always Will Be” Jamie Penny
Oct 25
Elaine Weaver (Zoom call)
Oct 11
Respect for the Interdependent Web of all existence of which we are a part | apart James
Sept 27
Search for beauty: Why the everyday and the mundane are truly extraordinary Marta Browne
Sept 13
A Faith For All Seasons Jennifer Dunkle
August 23
Combined ANZUUA Zoom service at 1pm
led by Rev Clay Nelson
August 9
Conf call from the USA
Rev Stephen Furer
Juy 26
Care for the Carers; Help for the Helpers
Marta Browne
July 12
Inspired by Verse
James & Renee
June 28
Aligning with the Wanted Kathryn
June 14
Even in the worst times, there are always good people Lynn K
May 24
Finding worth in the unworthy - separating the person from their behaviour Marta B
May 10
The view from my window Renee
May 5
Chalice Circle 
April 26
Covid-19 pandemic and its economic effects - looking for the positive
Bob H
April 10
Our Asia-Pacific Unitarian Neighbours James & Renee
Mar 22
** ONLINE SERVICE ONLY ** The practical reality of practicing respect and dignity for every person  - how to access the service on Sunday will be advised later this week
Mar 8
Quakers and Unitarians - close cousins
Feb 23
Being Community
Feb 9
Welcome back to 2020 services - Water Service (bring a small amount of water that has significance for you)
James and Renee                                             

2019 Services

December 8
Service led by Lynn titled "Everyday Epiphanies" followed by a festive potluck lunch – bring drinks and food to share (salad, dessert, nibbles etc.) Plates, glasses and cutlery are provided in the Club Room. NOTE location: The Club Room, Building 5 at The Village at 398 Cavendish Rd (Corner Cavendish Road and Goring Street), Coorparoo. Please join with us in this special last service for 2019. Next service on the 2nd Sunday Feb 2020
Lynn Kelly
November 24
Guest speaker Rev Stephen Furrer from the USA

November 10
Principle 7: Respect for the interdependant web of all existance

October 27
Rev Bob Hill
October 13
Friends: For a reason, or a season, or forever.
Lynn Kelly
September 22
Principle 6: The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all - Annual World Peace Ceremony
Babs C'Connor
September 6
Principle 6: The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all
Marta B
August 25
Retreat and ANZUUA meeting of UUs from Australia and NZ - flower comunion Sunday morning @ Springbrook Mountain
Springbrook Theosophical Society Retreat Center
August 11
Foundation of UU Principals
Andrew W
July 28
Principle 5: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within the congregation and society Lynn K
July 14
Māori, Matariki and Spirituality
Tania K-R
June 30 5th Sunday Pot Luck Brunch @ Mt. Nathan
hosted by Lulu & Tanya
JUne 23
Principle 4: Free & Responsible Search for Truth & Meaning
Lynne H
June 9
Theme - Principle 3 - Acceptance and Encouragement in Spiritual Growth James H
May 26
The Modern Godess: Maiden, Mother & Crone
Elaine W
May 12
Theme - Principle 3 - Acceptance and Encouragement in Spiritual Growth Tanya S
April 28
A House of Hope - theology for our time
April 14
Principle 2 - Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations Bob Hill
March 31
Fifth Sunday activity

March 24
Principle 2 - Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations James
March 10
International Womens Day
February 24
The  Inherent worth and Dignity of Every Person Kathryn
February 10
Traditional Water Service & UU Principle 1 - Inherent worth and Dignity of Every Person
Lynn Kelly                       

2018 Services

December 9
Celebrating Ambiguity: Our Unitarian Universalist Heritage
Lynn K
November 25
The Spiritual Aspects of Judgement
November 11
What brings you hope? The significance of hope and how we can have more of it in our lives.
October 28
A Coming Out Story, and honouring all who have come out as LGBTQ or as a straight ally for equality
October 14
The Righteous Mind: why can't we just get along?
Lynn K
September 30 5th Sunday - trip to Toowoomba, email for details or check facebook page
September 23  Describe, Don’t Define Rev Bob Hill
September 9 World Peace Flag Ceremony - - energetically affirming peace Babs O'Connor
26 August Spiritual Perspectives, finding our own path  Lisa and Elaine
12 August UU, You and your Values James
20 - 22 July BUUF Retreat - not at Theosophical Centre - Sunday Service led by Lyn Lyn Kelly
24 June Everyone has a super power - how to discover yours and practise using it Kathryn Crissman
10 June Theosophical Society,Never heard of it!! Brian Harding
27 May
Love begins with you
13th May Existential Psychology - practyical therapies informed by Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Spinoza Lynn 
29 April 5th Sunday - Samhain celebration - social activity Elaine
22 April Mother Earth Day - UU centred spirituality Renee
8th April Receptivity Rev Stephen Furrer
25 March Mistakes and Forgiveness Andrew
11 March International Womens Day Renee
Feb 25 Join us for our service with guest speaker Heather Abramson from the Jewish faith tradition Led by Renee
Feb  11 Welcome to 2018 and our UU Water Service   Led by James                                                                                      

2017 Services

Dec 12 End of Year Gathering  Lynn Kelly
Nov 12 Theosophy - what's it all about Brian Harding
Nov 12 Transhumanism Paul Wildman
October 22 UU Podcast Lisa Constantino/Elaine Weaver
October 8 Buddhism and UU's Lynn Kelly
Sept 24 Diversity and Dignity  Renee Hills
Sept  10 Sociocracy Paul Wildman
Aug  27 Coping with Difficult Times Lynn Kelly / Lisa
Aug  13 An exploration of the power of our  voice
James and Renee
July 23 Guest Speaker - About Ahmadiyya Moslems Ibraheem Malik
July 9th Annual Retreat - NO SERVICE IN BRISBANE  Rob McPherson
June 25th Prayer is a 4 letter word - musings of a recovering Christian Elaine Weaver
June 11th Viral Kindness - podcast from SA Unitarians part 2 Led by Renee
May 28th Viral Kindness - podcast from SA Unitarians Led by Renee
May 14th Symphony of Peace  Prayers Babs O'Connor
April 23rd Guest speaker, Australian author Chris Dalton on Earth Day and  reimagining how we relate to the world around us Chris Dalton
April 9th The Heart of Listening: Musings on Pastoral Care Renee Hills
March 12 The gifts of International UU connections: Every person is a new door to a different world Renee Hills
February 26th
A year without buying: a social experiment Elaine Weaver
February 12th Water Service - welcome back Renee Hills                                        


11th December at 10.30am Christmas service at 10.30am and end of year gathering ** Email for location in Coorparoo ** Lynne Kelly
27th November The Green of Life Itself: Interconnected Imperatives for Us and the Earth Renee Hills
13th Nobember Tolerance Adie Strickland
23rd October They go low, we go high Bob Hill
9th October Happliy Ageing Lynne Hurst
25th September Can we talk .. Lynn Kelly
11th September A Small Planet -  insight into far-flung relationships Mahesha Goleby
28 August Shared participation - contribute an inspiring story, verse, song or thought
14 August Covenants not Creeds Renee Hills
10 - 12 July Retreat at Springbrook Mountain, Sunday Service - Flower Communion
No service in Brisbane - you are welcome to join us at Springbrook.
Places also still available for the retreat  - last day to register Thursday  30/6/16
Friday night to Sunday midday accommodation and food  inc or part time options
Kim Banz  MD - Unitarian Universalist Ministerial intern
12 June Enter the Holy Fool Kim Banz  MD - Unitarian Universalist Ministerial intern
22 May Where Are You? Kim Banz  MD - Unitarian Universalist Ministerial intern
8 May Mothers Day Memories and Questions Rev Robert Hill, UU Minister
24 April Ode to Joy Renee Hills 
10 April From disconnection to connection Caroline Vincent
27 March Easter Sunday - Exile Kim Banz  MD - Unitarian Universalist Ministerial intern
13 March Women's Rights (International Womens' Day)   Group Participation by attendees  - service leader - Adi Strickland
28 Feb   Belonging Lynn Kelly
2016 - 1st Service 14th Feb Water Communion service    -  service leader Susannah Mason      Susannah plus attendee particpation                                                 


13 December 15 Lynn Kelly End of year service followed by Christmas get together
22 November 15 Rob MacPherson What is church?", exploring the history, purpose, and dynamics of why people gather (as we do) for common 'worthship'
Rob is the minister for the Unitarian church of South Australia in Adelaide and we are pleased to welcome his visit to our fellowship
8 November 15 Bob Hill Working titles: Study, Ignorance, and Life - or - Results: the general, the personal, and the possible
(Bob Hill is the former District Executive of the South West District of the UUA, author of the Complete Guide to Small Group Ministry) and has recently completed his PhD at UQ School of Human Movement Studies looking at living healthier longer
25 October 15 Renee Hills Reflections on ANZUUA conference (Australia and NZ UU conference) - Inequality: Uncomfortable Conversations
11 October 15 Susannah Mason Our animal friends
27 Sept 15 James Hills Everything is Waiting For You
13 Sept 15 Lynn Kelly Differing Perspectives (4th UU principle: a free and responsible search for meaning)
23 August 15 Renee Hills TBA - children welcome
25 July 15 Rev Dr Stephen Furrer visiting from USA Revelation Is Not Sealed
12 July 15 Susannah Mason Perceptions of a new Unitarian
3 - 5 July 15 Annual retreat at Springbrook Friday night, Saturday and Sunday - visiting with us will be Derek McCullough, UU Minister from Christchurch  
28 June 15 John Maindonald (Wellington NZ) A Community of Belief, or A Community of Spirit
14 June 15 Adi Strickland Winter Solstice
24 May 15 Lynn Kelly At Home on the Earth
10 May 15 Renee Hills Compassion
26 April  15 Susannah Mason The Truth about Funerals - Eco-burials 
12 April `5 Gill Eastgate Anniversaries - reflections on how we celebrate anniversaries and what they mean to us
29 March 15 Celebration of BUUF 20 year anniversary Celebration of BUUF 20 year anniversary
22 March 15 Sophie Munns Homage to the Seed - Art, Seeds and Bio Cultural} Diversity 
8 March 15 Layle Ward, VP, Bris Sth  - facilitator Renee Hills Zonta
22 Feb 15 Carolyn Vincent, facilitator Renee Hills Authentic Meaningful  Conversation and its Potential to Transform the World
8 Feb 15 Lynn Kelly Water Communion Service - collaborative service - see
January 2015
No services in January


14 December Lynn Kelly "UU Traditions" - there will be Christmas celebrations afterwards at the TS Centre
26 November Noel Preston Journey from 1950's Methodist to Pan-en-theist
9 November TBA Nominate your talk!
26 October Helen Gilmour  Pagan Beliefs and History
12 October Wendy Eastwell Community development in Nepal
28 September Susannah Mason Peace
14 September Building Your Own Theology Janet Meininger and Robin Sickles
30th August Fund Raiser for Social Justice - bring your friends >> At award winning Annerley Community Bookstore 12/478 Ipswich Rd  - see no 14 of 17 Spectacular Bookshops In Australia To See Before You Die
24 August James Hills And no religion too ....
10 August Renee Hills Beyond Materialism: Towards a Deep Green Future
27 July Wendy Eastwell Caution: Books can change your life!
11-13 July Retreat Weekend  at Springbrook Retreat Weekend  at Springbrook
22 June Susannah Mason Susan B. Anthony- Unitarian + Women's Suffrage Trailblazer 
8 June Rev Stephen Warfield Lessons From the Finish Line 
25 May Mike McPhee Stranger than we can think - development of cosmological thought 
11 May Stephen Warfield Mothers and Mother Earth
27 April James Hills Towards Happiness
13 April Lynn Kelly Hospice and Palliative Care
30 March 5th Sunday - no service - fundraiser For social justice projects, details to be advised
23 March Rob MacPherson Rob MacPherson , Adelaide Unitarian Pastor, is visiting and will take the service
9 March Renee Hills Exploring International Womens Day
23 February Tony Hall The Shaker Experience in America
9 February First Sunday service for 2014 Water Service  - you are invited to bring some water that reminds you of a special time to the service 
23 January Book Club  - 12 steps to a compassionate life 7.15pm for a 7.30 start at the Annerley Community Bookshop, 478 Ipswich Road. All welcome, bring a friend!
Topic: Empathy and Mindfulness, Steps 4 and Step 5. You can easily catch you up if you haven't read the book thus far.
January Holidays - no Sunday meetings                                                                                                                        

ARCHIVE - 2013

** BOOK CLUB ***  bookclub meetings resuming January 
8 December Renee Cosmology, we are all one, dignity and worth 
24 November Susannah Mason Hope
10 October TBA TBA
27 October Kathryn Young Speed bumps on the road of life
13 October TBA TBA
29 September 5th Sunday Social activity, fund raiser for social justice - building a womens dormitory for Filipina students - Lynn Hursts venue
22 September James Hills TBA
8 September Lynn Kelly Truthfulness
26 August Kathryn Young Brief gathering then off to Reef Rally or NAFA in The Park 
12 August Kathryn Crissman Think on these Things ...  Emotions are contagious!!!
28 July Narayan  Sacred Footprints 
21 July Retreat  BUUF Retreat weekend - contact us for details
14 July TBA NAIDIOC Week -  celebrating the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
30 June 5th sunday Activity canceled
23 June
Winter Solstice celebration
9 June Renee Hills  World Environment Day and the 7th UU Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part
26 May David King Life and death
12 May Adi Mothers Day for all
28 April Renee Hills Self Esteem vs Self Compassion
14 April Lynn Kelly A free and responsible search for meaning
24 March Gill Chanting: the right brain of religion
10 March  Kathryn Young Loss and Grief
24 February  Rob MacPherson The Chalice
10 February Renee Welcome to 2013 with a traditional UU Water Communion Service

ARCHIVE - 2012

23 December Jed Perkins Christmas and Summer Solstice Celebration - *** please email for service location ***
9 December Sussanah Cherish the Earth and its Creatures
25 November James and Renee Hills Forgiveness: The freedom to evolve (with thanks to Rob Macpherson from the Adelaide UU Church)
11 November Kevin Keefe Red Cross Humanitarian
28 October Carolyn Harrod TS Humanitarian Outreach
14 October James Hills Gratitude 
21 September Gill Service on Sacred Music
9 September Collaborative Meet at 10am at the Theosophical Centre where an art show is running. Morning tea/coffee available with proceeds from sales goiing to social justice programs (water wells in Kenya etc). After a time of art appreciation we will move to the park over the road for discussion and then a shared lunch at a venue to be decided.
26 August Renee The UU Chalice
12 August Bob Hill All that I learned
22 July Jodi Holloway Modern Ethics Issues
8 July Ray Compton Habitat for humanity
24 June Jody Holloway Winter solstice, earth awareness
10 June Maria Proctor Humanist society of Qld
27 May James Addressing Social Justice issues with the UU UNO
13 May Renee Mother's day reflection
22nd April
Helen Styles Project Micha social justice activities
9  April Chalice Circle Memorial for Scott McKenzie
25 March Jody Holloway Inspiring hope and positive change
11 March James and Renee Embracing our Communities, our World, our Identities - report on the International Council of Unitarian Universalists conference in the Philippines
Feb 22nd 2012 Glenys Fallon Practical Spirituality
Feb  12th 2012 Bruce Rigsby Aboriginal issues and spirituality
Jan 22nd 2012
Water Ceremony - see UU Traditions - Water Ceremony


December 18 2011
Rev Jed Perkins
Christmas service and social lunch  Location: James and Renee Hills home at Brookfield - email for directions
Bring a plate of food to share and some drinks for an end of year social gathering afterwards
November 27 2011
Guest speaker from Friends of the Earth
FOE - engaging at grass roots level for the environment, for peace and for social justice
November 13 2011 Jodi
Positive psychology and compassion
October 22 2011 Lynne
October 8 2011 Fay
Peace and Palestine
September 25 2011 Jed                                                             
What is a religion, and is Unitarian Universalism a  religion?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
September 11 2011 Renee
Springtime reflections


June 12th June
The changing notions of community Tony Hall
  27th June
Social Justice - the challenges of people identifying as LGBTI Rob
July 10th July
Social Justice - Peace Work - How,When, Where and Why Annette Brownlie
  24th July
Social Justice - the homeless and displaced people in our cities Adie
August 14th August
Social Justice - Local initiatives and a KIVA update James
  28th Aug
** At Mercy Place, ANZUUA Conference** - service will be taken by Rev Peter Ferguson from the Perth Unitarian Rev Peter Ferguson
Sunday Service Guest Speaker - Ram, co-ordinator of the Multi-Faith Centre in Brisbane Frances
Xmas (& Solstice) Celebration Service on Christmas traditions, festivals and Solstice - at James and Renee house; email for address Jody
No Service No Service this Sunday  
Sunday Service Water Ceremony - Coming together again bringing water to pool together - see information on the Water Ceremony at the page on UU Traditions  
Sunday Service 5th Sunday: activity to be advised  
February 6-Feb-11 Sunday Service Guest Speaker - Wendy Flannery, a Sister of Mercy from Believing Women for a Culture of Peace Frances
  20-Feb-11 Sunday Service Stories from BUUF’s Beginnings (celebrating anniversary of BUUF) - at the Theosophical Society, 355 Wickham Terrace Brisbane Jai

March 1-Mar-11 Sunday Service Guest Speaker - Tony Hall is speaking on Backyards -  building communities Frances
  15-Mar-11 Planning Planning activity at venue to be advised


  27-Mar-11 Sinday Service "A Sense of Place" - location is at the Theosophical Society - see Directions page Renee
Sunday Service Featuring a film on Uranium Frances
Sunday Service    
Sunday Service Visiting speaker  
Sunday Service Service by Gill  
Saturday Night Social Justice Activity Rob
Sunday Service

Guest speaker from Friends of the Earth

Sunday Service Meeting in Toowoomba (park location tba) followed by Carnival of Flowers Kathryn
Sunday Service Art as Healing Krystyna
Sunday Service What is our creed? Jed Perkins
Sunday Service Tolerance James
June 6th June 10   Giving and generosity - lessons from Kiva James
  20th June   Be the Change (you want to see in the world) James
July 4th July 10   Zen Budhism Stephen Furrer
  18th July   No service - BUUF Retreat next weekend  
August 1st August RETREAT BUUF Retreat at Springbrook Mountain  
  15th Aug 10   Tolerance Adie

March 7-Mar-10 Sunday Service Meditations on Love Lynne
  21-Mar-10 Sunday Service Loving Kindness

Kathryn & Jai; Music: Luke

Sunday Service Gratitude James
Sunday Service Why do Atheists go to church? Kathryn
Sunday Service   Kathryn
Sunday Service My journey from Goth to now Meg
Night Social event Social Justice Activity - raising funds to help in social justice activities through Kiva with microloans to entrepreneur across the globe especially in 3rd world countries Rob
Sunday Service The Story of Stuff Kathryn, James
Sunday Service Calculating Carbon James
February 7-Feb-10 Water Ceremony Coming together again bringing water to pool together - see information on the Water Ceremony at the page on UU Traditions  
  21-Feb-10 Sunday Service On Love Lynne
Sunday Service Ethical Eating Kathryn C
Sunday Service On Thanksgiving Kathryn Y
All Heretics Day All Heretics Day - Saturday 1pm Panel
Sunday Service Earth Day - Guest Speaker, Donald Gibson Donald Gibson
Unitarianism - a three stranded rope: tolerance, rationalism and Christianity Jai
Sunday ServicServicee Death (topical, see May entry above about "Day of the Dead" remembrance) Adi
Sunday Service Counter child trafficing Aaron
5th Sunday Activity Roma Street Parkland self guided Art Walk, commencing 1.30pm at the Celebration Lawn entry plaza
(art walk number 4 )

Nourishing Terrains and Australian Indigenous peoples connections to country James

Recognising the Needs of Urban Aborigines (  Linking with Indiginous Culture - NAIDOC week 5-7 July) Frances

Retreat weekend - NO service at BBC - retreat at Springbrook from Friday night to Sunday afternoon  

Focus on Peace / Hiroshima Day Kathryn

Sunday service Kathryn

Experiences in Personal Growth Rob

Peace comes with Justice Frances

Ten Rules for Being Human Kathryn

Guest speaker Karin Cheyne will show "Footprints Along Kurilpa" video (30 mins). Karin ran the project involving homeless people at Kurilpa Point involving oral history and video documentary. Kurilpa Point is on the Brisbane River South Bank - Kurilpa Park is next to the Gallery of Modern Art. Hosted by Wendy

A re-presentation the address given by Rev Peter Ferguson (ANZUUA President and Minister for the Perth UU congregation) at the recent ANZUUA General meeting in Sydney, on "The Sacred Heresies of Unitarianism against the Iron Bed of Christian Orthodoxy" Rob & James

Aspects of Healing: Viewpoints & Expressions Kathryn

Picnic at Southport meeting in park opposite Australia Fair  

Presentation by Rick on his spiritual journey Rick

The Spirit of Christmas service then Christmas Lunch / Party - venue is James & Renee house Adi

No Service this Sunday  

The Story of Stuff Kathryn, James

Calculating Carbon James
February 7-Feb-10
Coming together again bringing water to pool together - see information on the Water Ceremony at the page on UU Traditions  
On Love Lynne